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The ACR states that a quality control program MUST be in place and be directed by either a qualified Medical Physicist or supervising physician.

In compliance with the ACR requirement, Fusion Physics, LLC will establish the semiannual QC program including system sensitivity and/or penetration capability, image uniformity, assurance of electrical and mechanical safety and cleanliness, photography and other hard-copy recording – if used, vertical and horizontal distance measurement. 

In addition to the ACR requirements, Fusion Physics, LLC will test your transducers using an image quality phantom and measure: Axial and Lateral Resolution, Anechoic Cyst Sizing, Gray scale Target Tracking, Dead Zone Testing, Artifacts, System Noise and Distortion, and Small Parts Transducer image quality testing.

Breast Ultrasound
The ACR Breast US Accreditation program states that QC should be performed on all ultrasound units used for breast imaging as recommended in the ACR Technical Standard For Diagnostic Medical Physics Performance Monitoring Of Real Time Ultrasound Equipment.

Fusion Physics, LLC will perform a semiannual evaluation of maximum depth of visualization, vertical and horizontal distance accuracy, uniformity, electrical-mechanical cleanliness condition, anechoic void perception, ring down, lateral resolution and Quality Control Checklist.

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