Nuclear Medicine & PET Regulatory Consulting
Fusion Physics, LLC will provide only properly qualified individuals.  All of our consultants that visit your facility are Florida licensed and either American Board of Radiology certified or NMTCB/ARRT certified.

Our visits include the following as required to meet the Florida Regulations;

· Dose Calibrator Geometry
· Dose Calibrator Linearity 
· Dose Calibrator Accuracy 
· Radioactive Materials License 
Including applications, amendments 
and BRC correspondence assistance
· Sealed Source Inventory & Surveys
· Sealed Source Leak Testing
· Review of personnel dosimetry reports
· Survey meter calibration
· Annual ALARA program review
· Annual Radiation Safety Officer Report
· Annual Radiation Safety Training 
· Annual Qualtiy Management Program Review
· Annual Member of the Public Survey 
· Hazardous Materials Training
· Electronic reports in PDF format
· Notebook for technologist quality control program
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