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Kat Huff

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Although low field magnets present a challenge, with proper service we have 100% pass rate!

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

As an MRI expert with hundreds of successful submissions, Fusion Physics, LLC will assist you in the accreditation process. We have an incredibly high pass rate and will help you with every step along the way including electronic ACR submission with e-filed reports, collecting the required phantom images, annual system performance evaluation, coil testing, and appeal letters in the rare instance that one might be needed.

  • Image quality testing of the ACR accreditation phantom including geometric accuracy, slice position accuracy and slice thickness accuracy

  • Magnetic field homogeneity if bandwidth is variable on the system

  • Monitor evaluation including luminance, uniformity and artifacts.
  • Volume coil testing including uniformity, ghosting, maximum SNR and artifact analysis

  • Surface coil testing of maximum SNR and artifact analysis

  • RF shielding integrity

  • Technologist Quality Control Program established, maintained and annually evaluated

  • Refill your ACR phantom for FREE









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