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Breast MRI
The ACR Breast MRI Accreditation program is officially here!

The ACR is requiring that your breast coil be tested annually by a Medical Physicist and that you submit two clinical studies. Fusion Physics, LLC has direct, hands on experience with breast coils and dedicated breast magnets.

We have also implemented the use of the ACR’s small MRI phantom to ensure excellent image quality of your specific coil. We will test the coil for maximum SNR and artifacts per the ACR’s criteria. We will perform Magnetic Field Homogeneity testing if bandwidth is adjustable and we will evaluate monitors for luminance, uniformity, resolution and spatial accuracy.  Additionally, we will establish a technologist’s QC program to meet ACR’s guidelines.   Your report will be in a hard copy format for submission and an electronic copy will be sent to your facility as well.


 Breast Imaging

We are licensed by the State of Florida and lettered by the FDA, we are fully qualified to test FS, FFDM Stereotactic and Tomosynthesis*.  We have experience on more than a thousand mammography units of all types.
* New modalities not yet accredited through the ACR units have been submitted directly to the FDA as these sites were either at research facilities or at BETA sites.
Acceptance testing and Annual Mammography unit testing as required by the ACR and MQSA.
Services include testing after major repairs which include; new installs, detector replacement, tube replacement and or brick replacement, monitor evaluation, printer evaluation.
We establish the baseline QC data, provide quarterly QC review to include electronic or paper QC worksheets depending on your facility’s needs.


Breast Ultrasound
The ACR Breast US Accreditation program states that QC should be performed on all ultrasound units used for breast imaging as recommended in the ACR Technical Standard For Diagnostic Medical Physics Performance Monitoring Of Real Time Ultrasound Equipment.
Fusion Physics, LLC will perform a semiannual evaluation of maximum depth of visualization, vertical and horizontal distance accuracy, uniformity, electrical-mechanical cleanliness condition, Anechoic void perception, Ring down, Lateral resolution and Quality Control Checklist.

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